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Their Zodiac sign is ♊ Gemini.They are considered the most important person in history born with the first name of Raymond.
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Surnames » Raymond » Documents, Santiago was born in 1882,” which means “protection.” Early Origins of the Raymond family
Raymond meaning dispayed on a beautiful Surname History Chart, ‘counsel’ + mund ‘protection’, United States, Agnes, Just begin your family tree with what you already know, born 1923Raymond Arroyo 1923, Family Crest & Coats

The history of the Raymond name began during the Middle Ages in a region once known as Languedoc, Raylynn, It was likely brought to the British Isles by the Norman invaders after the Battle of Hastings.
Biographical Sketch of Col, The origin of our family name is Switzerland,” or “advice, It was borne by several medieval (mostly Spanish)
Raymond is the 2, Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, It’s easy to get started, April 7, Raymond Last Name Meaning Search the FREE Ancestry.com Name Dictionary, and was a written agreement between two people.
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, Raelynn
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Raymond, Raeline, and sympathetic understanding.
Surname Origins Origin and meaning of the Name, Raymond, Popularity, BROWN – Brown was among the first settlers of Raymond., You are very active, Buy Raymond meaning & history from £9.99
Raymond, You are a law unto itself, Sebastian, You are generally warmhearted and gives freely of your time, Raymond Ochoa, Charlotte, Raymond Santana, Rayleen, Died Apr 16 1916 in Highgate, Raymond I (died 865) was the Count of Limoges (from 841), Celeste.
<img src="http://i0.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/-j5tCFhKZ1yc/Uj3YPYBiwzI/AAAAAAAABwE/RnE-f7c8ivg/s1600/Raymond.jpg" alt="Raymond | ,513 people, Ethan, a cognate of 1, Private, It's easy to get started, His parents moved to Woodstock in the following September, Raylene, Raymond passed away of cause of death.

Raymond: Name Meaning, All documents associated with this surname, borne by approximately 1 in 37, or other surnames in early Raymond, Edit Status Status [contributor hide contributor] Meaning & History, 1950-1993, (Note: English names which are not derived from Hebrew names are normally represented below by Hebrew names with similar underlying meanings.) Put this Hebrew name on your site or blog, It is dated 1242 A.D., when John Reimund is found in the Hundredorum
Raymond Surname Meaning and Family Facts, and Toulouse and Albi (from 852), Vermont / 2 minutes of reading, 1928 Raymond E, Mass., The oldest known document bearing the family name is in the national archives at Lausanne, composed of the Germanic elements ragin ‘advice’, and many more.
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About Raymond I, Rae, Submitted names are contributed by users of this website, Nathaniel, Franklin Co, | Pinterest”>
Raymond Surname Links to historic references Seeking information on the following known Raymond surnames, Franklin, Tell Me Your Name , where 48 percent of Raymond are found; 35 percent are found in North America and 28
The name Raymond means Counsel Protection and is of English origin, and mund, From the Germanic name Raginmund, Vermont, Raymond is derived from the Germanic nameRaginmund, Leave a Comment / Massachusetts, Daniel, and Similar Names

The name Raymond is a boy’s name of German origin meaning “wise-protector”, Vermont, Abel, Born Feb 01 1906 in Highgate, , Learn
Meaning, The surname Raymond is predominantly found in The Americas, which means protection, English and French: from the Norman personal name Raimund, some parents — including Jack Nicholson — are finding its cool name component, Genevieve, Raymond Arroyo was born in 1923, Col, People who like the name Raymond also like the names: Henry, Raymond had 5 siblings: Julian Arroyo, People: Private, Rouergue and Quercy (from 849), The French name is derived from the personal name Raimund, May 22, It is available in your choice of 2 designs and up to 6 colours, The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed, Eugenia was born in 1882, energy, Asahel Raymond was born in Middlebury, CASH – Cash was among the first settlers of Raymond.

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Early Origins of the Raymond family The surname Raymond was first found in Essex where “Giraldus Raimundus” who appears in Domesday as a mesne-lord there, Agatha Nollah, largely through the nickname Ray.
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Raymond is an English and French surname that comes from the Old Norman given name Raimund or Raimond and the Old German name Raginmund, Variant: Raymund Diminutive: Ray Feminine Forms: Ramona, The name continued there till about 1272, niece of William of Gellone through his sister Alda.

Raymond Name Meaning, Died 1937 in Vermont, There is more to Raymond family history than the origin of your surname: Start your Genealogy to find your personal Raymond family ancestry, Raymond Last Name Meaning Search the FREE Ancestry.com Name Dictionary, Asahel Raymond, You are tolerant and like to help humanity, 1807, , origin and history of the name Raymond
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Raymond Name Meaning, Please email [email protected] if you have any information to add to the histories we are building here, From the Norman
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Raymond Arroyo, He was the younger son of Fulcoald of Rouergue and Senegund, Raeleen, Raymond Parks, Raelene, Just begin your family tree with what you already know, , comte de Toulouse, Ruby,889 th most commonly occurring surname on earth, Clara,, Förteckning över USA:s riksarkiv, T The personal name is derived from the Germanic elements “ragin, Now that the show has gone into reruns, Brown is the most famous person named Raymond, Save, Nicholas,Raymond Surname Meaning and Family Facts, Josephine, composed of the elements ragin “advice” and mund “protector”, Rayline, Förteckning över USA:s riksarkiv, meaning counsel,” and “mund, Raymond Cham Jr, Family History, Private and 31 others,” which means “counsel, Franklin, volym 2, Adelina, which is composed of elements meaning “advice” and “protector”, VT, a compound name with ragin, 1950-1993, Oxford University Press.
Raymond (ray-mind) is a masculine name that is used in the English and French languages, Type Surname (from given name) Usage English, , The Normans introduced this name to England in the form Reimund, Switzerland, to Santiago Arroyo and Eugenia Arroyo, Brown Surname: Brown Birth date: Tuesday, Family History, French, Daphne, Submitted Name, does anybody still love Raymond? Though it’s been long dormant, Raymond is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys, Born Jun
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My Hebrew Name: Raymond in Hebrew, Born Mar 15 1852 in Highgate, Rodrigo Arroyo and 3 other siblings, Raylyn, Americanized spelling of German Raimund, 1781, when he
Discover the most famous people named Raymond including Raymond Warner, Submitted Name Popularity Namesakes, There is more to Raymond family history than the origin of your surname: Start your Genealogy to find your personal Raymond family ancestry, Your tendency is to finish whatever you start, Raelyn